Bombay High Court, not Mumbai High court.

  Why has the name remained unchanged through the centuries? The Bombay High Court unlike the rest of the city hasn’t changed to be called Mumbai High Court. Various self-proclaimed modernists have tried to change its name over the years but to no avail. Although it must be noted that a bill to rename it…

Behind Bombay- Alice Tredwell- The Unknown contributor to the Bombay-Pune railway in 1859

Alice Tredwell’s name lies obscurely in the history of the construction of the Bombay-Poona Highway. Once her husband passed away, despite not being an engineer she took up the onus of completing this mammoth task in front of her. Since she was a woman and in 1859, her contributions were completely ignored. It’s high time the world knows about it.

India’s first passenger train ran from Bombay to Thane!

Mumbai has always been synonymous trains. So much so that the first passenger train in India ran between Mumbai and Thane. It covered the journey in 52 minutes, a truly commendable feat and carried just 400 passengers. Today it lugs over 7 million passengers on a daily basis and is the true lifeline of the maximum city.

The Hidden Japanese Temple 

Amidst bustling Worli resides a serene Japanse temple. This Buddhist Temple is interestingly maintained by the Birla Trust. Truly testifying how multi cultural Bombay truly is.

Did you know?There is a Jewish Synagogue in the heart of Kala Godha

Did you know a Jewish Synagogue has resided in the heart of Kala Godha for over 130 years? In it’s beautiful halls various marriages and Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah have taken place over the decades. It is also open to tourists and those who are curious to know more about Judaism.

Gilbert Hill- Hidden till 2017!

Gilbert Hill remained hidden from public eye till a viral video caught the attention of the masses. Stories of it’s origin have been non stop being churned henceforth.

Mumbai- A dowry gift!

When Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal married King Charles II of England. Bombay, the city of seven islands was gifted away to the new King as a dowry gift.

Where is 0km Bombay today?

0km hasn’t remained constant through the ages. It has changed position on the map at different times. But if you were to see from where Bombay began, the real 0km it would point to the iconic Flora Fountain at Fort from where the story of Bombay truly began.

What Bombay should actually be famous for-It’s Art Deco!

Bombay’s much celebrated skyline has long ignored it’s cooler ancestors, it’s art deco buildings. Clusters of these building can be found across the city, making it home to the second largest number of Art Deco Buildings in the world! Second only to Miami in the USA.